Detroit Mayor Shuns Robocop, The City’s Favorite Son

Monday, February 7 by

Detroit has had its fair share of tough times, but this news is especially tough to report. If there are any children in the room, please wrap a band of duct tape across their ears and eyes. Or ask them to leave if you’re too lazy to go find the duct tape.

Sadly, the Motor City will not be getting a statue honoring their favorite son, Robocop. In response to a tweet suggesting the city erect a statue of the robotic cop a la Philadelphia‘s Rocky Balboa, Detroit mayor Dave Bing quickly shot down the suggestion with his own tweet, “There are not any plans to erect a statue to Robocop. Thank you for the suggestion.”

What a bummer. He hardly even considered it. I guess we’ll just have to depend on the Internet to create a Robocop statue out of Legos. It’s bound to happen if it hasn’t already. (Jalopnik)

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