From early May through Labor Day weekend, this was the highest grossing summer ever for North American films. What's surprising about this fact is that the summer seemed to be littered with criticisms, both written and verbal, that essentially, movies these days are shit and Hollywood deserves the slow death it's faced with.

WHOOPS! The opposite happened. Box office revenues were over 10% higher than they'd ever been, which means the record wasn't just broken, but smashed. The total take was around $4.71 billion for the United States and Canada, which leads me to believe that Canada is secretly enjoying these shitty movies, maybe offering that they go see White House Down in the theater as a goof, but then are at a loss when their friends (Iceland, Eskimos) come over to their apartment and see they got it on Blu-Ray.

Ugh. Included in this write-up in the Wall Street Journal, the heroes of the box office included We're the Millers, The Heat, and The Butler. Ugh. Then who are the villains?