Apparently we did need that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. The Platinum Dunes update brought $93.7 million globally when it debuted this weekend. That's far more than the film's expectations and Paramount announced that they are moving forward with a sequel. Perhaps now we'll learn the true secret of the ooze.

This success comes on the heels of terrible reviews and a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 19%. It's suspected that a big part of the film's success is due to Whoopi Goldberg's rabid teenaged fan base. The multiple award-winning actress has dominated at the box office once again. Currently there are no plans for a Jumpin' Jack Flash reboot but it's just a matter of when.

You can expect The Teenage Mu2ant Ninja Turtles to open June 3rd, 2016, so you have time to prepare yourself mentally for a ninja turtles in Miami film. (Variety)

Over the weekend, I watched a reviewer of the film say, "And there's eye candy there for the moms too. Those turtles have some pretty nice muscles." That's gross, lady. They're teenagers.