The Despicable Me trailer looks despicable meh. It introduces us to #1 Super Villain Gru (Steve Carell) and--OH WAIT he's been bested by a Syndrome-from-The-Incredibles-esque Super Villain named Vector (Jason Segel). The two then battle wits, which seems more like an exercise in futility for Gru considering Vector has saws, sharks, lasers, missiles, and a boxing glove mechanism that targets your crotch.

Apparently Despicable Me is about Gru trying to steal the moon when his efforts are thwarted by three orphans who want him to be their da-da. None of this comes through in the trailer, except for a shot of the dirty orphans at the end. There isn't even a damn moon! I'll give this film the benefit of the doubt for now, but unless more impressive footage comes out soon I'm thinking an episode of Pinky and the Brain might trump Gru's best efforts.  

Look how bad he wants that moon.

Check out the Despicable Me Trailer below.

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