Denis Leary’s Character In ‘Spider-Man’ Is Mr. Concerned Guy

Friday, January 14 by

Photos are leaking from the Spider-Man reboot cam faster than web fluid out of an arachnid’s ass. First there was this promotional photo of Andrew Garfield rocking the suit, looking emotabulous, and now we have on-set photos of actor/comedian Denis Leary looking… well, concerned.

Leary plays Gwen Stacy’s father, Captain George Stacy. Maybe he’s concerned because he knows his daughter is dating a kid who dresses up in a skin-tight leotard to fight mentally ill guys with high tech explosives on the streets on New York. Or maybe he’s concerned because he’s read the comics and knows his daughter will bite the big one soon. Either way, if you’ve always wanted to see Denis Leary look concerned in front of a truck, a helicopter and a fence, today is your lucky day! (/Film)

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