After this Denis Leary still has dog catchers, city planners, parking enforcement, utility workers, and a whole host of other municipal jobs, but he crossed firemen off the list with Rescue Me. And EMT's earlier, if this project is still in the works.

Now he can do the same with cops in the upcoming half-hour comedy Bronx Warrants, based on the real stories of two cops who were tasked with arresting people with outstanding warrants, though more in the name of cash than justice.

Screen Rant, for reasons unknown, claims that it's unlikely that Denis Leary will star in the project, and will probably limit himself to executive producer of the show.

The fact that the show is only a half-hour allows me to be a lot more receptive to the concept, as does the fact that the sometimes-grating Leary isn't slated to star. It's been long enough since September 11th that I think the world is ready for a show about really, really awful New York cops.

It's nice to see FX agrees.