Uh-oh. Someone's teaming up these old stars for a *shudder* comedy. Grudge Match follows two retired boxers (DeNiro and Stallone) as they return to the ring for one final GRUDGE MATCH!

Stop or My Mom Will Shoot. Analyze This. Analyze That. Little Fockers

You get the idea. These guys aren't comedic actors so much as they are warm, familiar bodies that are thrust into comedy due to a lack of options. Further, the idea of seeing Robert DeNiro shirtless isn't really doing for me at this stage of his life or at this stage in mine. Considering that both actors have take turns in boxing movies that have been deemed among histories finest cinema, I'm not thrilled to see them yuck it up in the same genre because they're old and...old people aren't boxers, get it?

The film will be directed by Peter Segal, who underwhelmed audiences with films like Get Smart and Anger Management while this film has been kicking around in development hell.

I would end this with a sarcastic "Happy Friday!" but it's only Thursday, so we don't even have that going for us. Dammit.