Between you and me, I think Guillermo del Toro is secretly in love with FX shows. Or guys name Charlie. Or both. After having signed up"Sons of Anarchy"'s Charlie Hunnam, the producers of Pacific Rim are now looking to pick up Charlie Day, who plays fan-favorite Charlie Kelly on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," also on FX.

Pacific Rim tells the story of an alien invasion of earth, which could explain why uber-macho Charlie Hunnam is involved but doesn't exactly explain the involvement of Charlie Day. The armed forces probably need a guy whose voice gets really high when he gets excited.

Legendary Pictures, the producing studio, is said to be targeting up-and-coming talent with this project, and while Day is certainly something of a cult hero, he is pretty far from established, especially in films. His first co-starring role in a feature will be Horrible Bosses, which drops July 8. (Variety)