As if circus clowns didn't give you enough nightmares, now there's such a thing as a "dead circus." Luckily, it has nothing to do with a ringmaster murdering kids with a bunch of trained tigers.

Palermo Pictures is looking to put Dead Circus into production soon. It's a let's-muck-around-with-actual-historical events drama based on the real life death of 60s singer Bobby Fuller. Do you vaguely remember hearing this song about fighting the law and the law winning? He did that. The cast is pretty solid so far: Michael C. Hall "Dexter"), James Marsden (X-Men), Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire) and Melissa Leo (aka The Oscar F-Bomber).

The story is about a screenwriter -- trust me, it does get better -- who's investigating the supposed suicide of newly minted pop star Fuller in 1966. The problem? Most people don't commit suicide by badly bruising themselves and pouring gasoline down their own throats. Then we veer off into the Make Believe Zone, when the writer discovers that Fuller's "suicide" ties in with the Manson family and snuff film buried in Death Valley. Guys, something tells me this was not actually a suicide at all.

Dead Circus will be directed by its co-writer Adam Davenport, with novel writer John Kaye sharing writing credit. (Deadline)