We've all been eagerly anticipating the next directorial effort of Dayton and Faris, and it now it appears the duo has finally settled on a project. It only took bestie and Little Miss Sunshine sta Paul Dano to get them there. The husband and wife team will direct Dano in He Loves Me, which is written by, and will co-star, Dano's real-life girlfriend, Zoe Kazan. Awwww, look at all of these lovebirds finding a way to work together. Dinners at night must be filled with deafening silence.

He Loves Me is the story of a young novelist who writes about his dream girl and manages to draw her out of his imagination and into the real world. I'd normally make an A-Ha "Take On Me" joke here, but those sly bastards over at Vulture already swooped in an took it. If this film is even half as cool as that music video we're all in for a ridiculously campy time.