‘Day Of The Dead’ Getting A Better Remake Because Zombies

Thursday, July 11 by

I think we can all say that we were disappointed by whatever the hell it was they were trying to do in the ill-advised remake of Day of the Dead. Except for the part where Nick Cannon gets eaten. Now Millennium Films and the producers of Texas Chainsaw 3D are teaming up to right history’s wrongs by making a better ill-advised remake of George Romero‘s Day of the Dead.

The original Romero sequel focused on survivors in an underground base struggling to survive one another while simultaneously searching for a way to live amongst the undead. The 2008 direct-to-DVD remake took that fine work and pissed all over it. There is one item purists can check off their worry list this time around, however, the producers have promised to honor Romero’s vision by forgoing the super-fast zombies that can crawl on ceilings somehow in favor of the classic ambling corpses. However when it comes to casting someone like J. Cole, no promises or denials have been made in either direction. (Deadline)


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