The indie film The Iceman just got a little weirder. In the wake of James Franco's departure, everyone's fifth-favorite Friend, David Schwimmer, has signed on to join the project as a contract killer.

While Schwimmer isn't really known outside of the role of Ross (The Pallbearer? Kissing a Fool?), he showed some dramatic chops in the Band of Brothers miniseries. Granted, that was a decade ago, but still. Dramatic acting is like riding a bike. (I made that up and have no idea if that's true or not.)

Joining Schwimmer will be Ray Liotta, Michael Shannon, and Maggie Gyllenhaal, all directed by Ariel Vromen. I'm unsure if Marcel the monkey will be appearing in the film as Schwimmer's sidekick, but we here he is recovering comfortably after his latest stint in rehab (That was not meant as a Matthew Perry joke, but if you took it that way, oh well).