Not one to be outdone by Piranha 3D, David R. Ellis is also dipping his toe into topless women getting devoured by an underwater menace film-making. Relativity Media has picked up Ellis's Shark Night 3D and re-monikered it with the much more catchy The Untitled David R. Ellis 3D Shark Thriller. TUDRE3DST just rolls right off the tongue.

Ellis knows a thing or two about how important a title is, after directing Snakes On A Plane, so you can look forward to seeing some monkey-biting sharks in a Monday to Friday lake to release wide in 2011. The film stars Donal Logue, Joel David Moore, Katharine McPhee, and other people that I'm too lazy to list. I think one of the guys was on "The O.C." or something. I just wish Ellis could have found a role for Heidi Montag. She really wanted this. (THR)