Here's a good idea. You're the producer of a shelved project from which the writer/director has famously walked away. Suddenly, that director is enjoying a career high after his newest film has won multiple Oscar nominations and awards. Naturally, you try to get the failed project into theaters. Oh yeah. Also this director is known to fly into bouts of rage.

That's exactly what's happening with David O. Russell's Nailed. After money woes forced many production shutdowns, Russell washed his hands of it and moved on to The Fighter. Just a few nights ago producer David Bergstein held a test screening of the unfinished film without the cast and filmmakers knowledge.

The satirical health care comedy stars Jessica Biel as a small town waitress who gets a nail lodged in her head. She can't afford to have it removed and it causes her to do crazy and impulsive things. She decides to head to D.C. to lobby for health care reform. While there, she becomes intimate with a congressman played by Jake Gyllenhaal and her crazy actions escalate.

The screening was said to be a bit of a mess. There were no cohesive elements to hold the scatter-shot scenes together and Russell's name was spelled "David O'Russell" on the flyer (Damn you, Kinko'sssssss!!!!!). Still, producers are planning to push through for a distribution deal based on the strength of his name. In fact, the post-screening questionnaire asked viewers if Russell were the reason they attended. Personally, I think a cursory glance at a sentence containing the words "Jessica Biel" and "nailed" would be the best bet at getting asses in the seats. (Deadline)