David O. Russell Walks Away From ‘Drake’s Fortune’, Probably Due To Insufficient Wahlberg Levels

Thursday, May 26 by

David O. Russell has walked away from directing Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, citing the catch-all “creative differences.” Russell choosing to direct a video game adaptation always sounded a little far-fetched. Borderline ridiculous, actually. Partially because it was a video game, but mostly because Mark Wahlberg wasn’t attached, and the very notion of Russell working without Wahlberg in front of the camera is too ludicrous to even comprehend.

This means that Sony will be dashing to find another prestigious director to helm the tentpole release. It also means that David O. Russell has a little more capacity than he did this time last year. That means that The Silver Lining Playbook could be next up. Fortunately, that pairs Russell back up with Wahlberg, so harmony may be restored to the universe.

Don’t ever leave Wahlberg again, David! Not even for a minute! You scared us! And imagine how Mark must have felt. Poor little guy. (Variety)

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