David Lynch’s 5 Non-Film Related Hobbies

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David Lynch first trained to be a painter before he studied film-making. And, though, it was his films that first earned him attention, he’s created many paintings over the years, stating that “all my paintings are organic, violent comedies.” But not in a Paul Blart kind of way. Not content to work with typical mixed medias, Lynch also began gluing pieces of raw meat to his work. He says of┬áthe above piece Rat Meat Bird, “That roast beef has gone through a strange metamorphosis. It was bigger when I started, but one day a squirrel came by and took a big hunk out of it. I’m kinda workin’ with it.”

David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee

Like Agent Dale Cooper, Lynch also enjoys a strong cup of coffee. So naturally, he would want to branch out and create his own signature cup. But he’s not going to resort to the usual methods of coffee advertising with a young man surprising his sleeping lover with a freshly brewed cup. He’s going to … just see for yourself.

Daily Weather Reports

Until June of 2010, Lynch experimented with a career in meteorology. He would film a daily weather report from his basement to announce the weather in Los Angeles that day and post them to his personal website. And sometimes they made sense. But not always.

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