David Lynch’s 5 Non-Film Related Hobbies

Thursday, September 1 by

An artist as provocative (read: crazy) as David Lynch can’t be placed into a box. We primarily know him as a film-maker that weirds us out. But many of you aren’t aware that Lynch has proven himself capable of weirding people out across several platforms. Here’s a rundown of Lynch’s outside hobbies. Please don’t put any in your mouth.

Club Silencio

David Lynch has decided to get into the nightclub game (perhaps inspired by Brandon Walsh and the Peach Pit After Dark), and the Paris club Silencio is his first foray. Named after the club in Mulholland Drive, Silencio doesn’t feature any apparent illusions, but it does have black-on-black toilet bowls and salty nuts hand-picked by the director himself. That, and chairs designed to “induce and sustain a specific state of alertness and openness to the unknown“. I’m good standing.

Crazy Clown Time

Though he’s collaborated in the past on music for his films, Lynch is now beginning a second or third or whatever career as a recording artist. His debut album of electro pop, Crazy Clown Time, is in the works and should drop soon with guest vocals from Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

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