Here's the easy part of this story: writer David Koepp has been tapped to pen a new version of the untitled Jack Ryan origin story film formerly known as Moscow. How we got to this point is a little crazy, so I'm gonn break it down step-by-step:

1. After the success of Star Trek, Paramount hired writer Hossein Amini to script a Jack Ryan movie for Chris Pine.

2. Paramount buys a spec script called Dubai and tells writer Adam Cozad to make that the Jack Ryan movie.

3. Unhappy with that take, Paramount hired Anthony Peckham to rewrite Cozad's script.

4. Then writer Steve Zaillian was brought on, but quickly abandoned ship.

5. Project goes into limbo.

6. David Koepp gets 7-figures to rewrite Cozad's script. Which of the hundreds of drafts lying around Paramount's offices will be the starting point for Koepp's version is anyone's guess.

7. 40 more writers are hired and fired.

8. Eight years later, the screenwriting robot is finally complete and Robo-Writer 9000 electoni-pens the perfect rewrite in 4 minutes. None of the human writers get an on-screen credit.

Jack Bender ("Lost") is attached to direct. That much has not changed... for now. (Deadline)