Johnny Depp bounces back fast. Thanks to diet and exercise, he's already got his next franchise lined up after the implosion of Disney's The Lone Ranger. David Koepp has been called in to script the reboot of The Thin Man. The film will show Depp as a dashing drunk named Nick Charles, who teams up with his socialite wife, Nora, to solve a murder.

The original film is considered a classic and spawned five sequels, which I'm sure is intriguing to Depp. It would be nice to slur his way through the same character constantly without having to slip into a pirate costume to do so. The reboot is being planned as a Sherlock Holmes-esque update that will mix high adventure with the iconic characters. Rob Marshall will direct, so expect a little song and dance as well.

No word on who will play Nora or the couple's dog. (Deadline)