David Fincher Talks Casting Emily Ratajkowski As ‘An Alien F*ck-Doll’

Thursday, June 26 by

David Fincher has shed some light on his left field casting of Emily Ratajkowski as Ben Affleck’s young mistress in Gone Girl. The character, as described in the novel is, “an alien fuck-doll of a girl… as different from my elegant, patrician wife as could be.” Fincher was looking for someone that women would hate and men would love, but Jennifer Love Hewitt was too old for the part so…

“I was talking with Ben [Affleck], and what I wanted for the Andie role was someone who could be incredibly divisive among men and women in the audience,” Fincher told GQ. “We needed somebody where, at the moment she appears, the women are going, ‘That is unconscionable and despicable.’ And you also have the men going, ‘Yes, but…’ And so Ben said, ‘Yeah, like the girl in the ‘Blurred Lines’ video.’ ”

Well done. That is a perfect display of Ben Affleck’s penis and Ben Affleck’s mouth working well in congress with one another. It’s called TEAMwork.


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