[post-album postid="16509" item="4"] With the trailer for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo burning up the 'Netz and his dream of seeing Rooney Mara's boobs realized, David Fincher is getting back to his gritty roots. He's optioned the novel "Panic Attack" with Ted Griffin on the script.

The story follows a psychiatrist who kills a home invader only to have a psychotic accomplice come after him and his family on a vengeance mission. It's unclear if Fincher has an interest in directing or merely producing the project, but I imagine he's only got Dragon Tattoo on his mind at the moment. Regardless, this is the first project at Fincher's Panic Pictures. Between this and Panic Room, dude really loves some panic. Now's the time to court him for your next music video Panic! At The Disco. (Vulture)