Darth Vader Checks Leia for Cavities

Wednesday, December 30 by

You’d think a princess would know when she’s being played.

Open wide for today’s links.

25 Best Memes of 2009 (HolyTaco)

Woman’s Basketball Team Poses for Sexy Calendar (TotalProSports)

Holy Sh*t Bar Refaeli is Hot (TheChive)

The Hottest Girls of the SEC (Maxim)

Worst Trailers of the Year (FilmDrunk)

Best Viral Videos of the Decade (Manofest)

Biggest Box Office Flops of 2010 (Pajiba)

Selena Gomez Forgets to Wear Pants (CelebJihad)

Writing Utensils Make Good Weapons (Unreality)

Best of the 2010 Bikini Calendars (Asylum)

Here Are Some Nice Tramps (RegretfulMorning)

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions (MadeMan)

2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Predictions (AllLeftTurns)


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