That irascible scamp Darren Aronofsky is at it again, this time in an interview with Clothes on Film. When asked about the possibility of working on a comic book version of the Batman story he attempted to get made into a movie, Aronofsky responded:
“Well, we’re actually doing one. It hasn’t really been announced, I don’t know if I should give you the scoop! But we’re getting there. We’re doing a comic book of a script that’s really hard to make and we’re going to do a comic version first and see what happens…”

Doing a comic adaptation of a failed screenplay would not be an unprecedented move for Aronofsky, who performed a similar trick with The Fountain after it seemed that movie wasn't going to get made. Some are speculating that he's talking about doing a comic version of his screenplay for Batman: Year One, which would be weird since that already IS a comic book (and a really good one too, if you care about such things). Others are suggesting that he's talking about another project altogether, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.