Darren Aronofsky Hates Armond White

Tuesday, January 11 by

Darren Aronofsky can add another entry to his fine list of accomplishments: Bitching out Armond White in person at an awards ceremony. According to MovieLine, last night at the New York Film Critics’ Circle Awards ceremony, Aronofsky was presenting the Best Cinematography Award to Matthew Libatique when he unleashed the following tirade on the beloved-by-everyone-else New York Press film critic: “I thought I was giving Armond White the compassion award because if you don’t have something you should get it. Seriously, keep it up because you give all of us another reason not to read New York Press.” If this were a snarky article on the internet, I’d write something like “buuuurrrrrnnnn!” now. Buuuurrrrrnnnn!

Anyway, Aronofsky has a better reason than most to be pissed at Mr. White, after his slam on the director’s latest effort, Black Swan. In it, White unfavorably compares Aronofsky’s movie to Kanye West‘s 30-minute-plus music video for the song “Runaway.” Try and figure out if this is real or a parody:

Our dumbed-down film culture is likely to prefer Black Swan precisely because: 1.) It is insipid; 2.) It glamorizes white petulance without specifically identifying its sociological or cultural sources; 3.) Its nonsense is familiar.

The article also says Aronofsky apologized afterward, but honestly, who cares about that?

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  1. January 11, 2011 10:14 am


    Aaaand with that I believe Aronofsky should win Best Director. Even if he wasn’t, he now deserves it.

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