Darren Aronofsky has wrapped the scarf that is his name around the neck of an HBO pilot. He's signed on to direct "Hobgoblin," a drama series written by Michael Chabon and his tenderoni Ayelet Waldman. The story follows a group of magicians and con men who team up to help defeat Hitler during World War II. Wait, really? That's awesome.

Of course, Aronofsky is still shopping around Noah -- you know what? Screw Noah. This is a show about MAGICIANS VERSUS NAZIS. That's amazing. I'm picturing the magician fighting Hitler and his bodyguards and they keep disappearing in columns of smoke and reappearing in front of Nazis to punch them. But then Hitler gets away through a trap-door but the head magician chases him. Now it's just the two of them in the basement of an old Dresden theater and there are bombers fucking up the city and rubble is falling all around them. And Head Magician is all like, "End of the line, Fuhrer. I'm going to saw you in half." But then Hitler reveals his own dark powers and splits into two Hitlers and they both run off in opposite directions. So now the Head Magician can only kill one of them and spends the rest of his days trying to track down the second Hitler because what if he killed the fake? This show is a headtrip, you guys. Makes you think.