Aronofsky And Clooney Team-Up For Non-’Wolverine’ Movie?

Monday, May 9 by

When last we heard from Darren Aronofsky, he refused to direct The Wolverine, in order to piss me off that day. Now he’s circling around a new project that – I’m sorry to say – has nothing to do with Wolverine, X-Men or even Marvel Comics. That Pi Guy is really trying my patience.

For his follow-up to Black Swan, Aronofsky is considering a film by screenwriter Jeff Welch called Human Nature. It’s a science fiction story about a dude who gets cryogenically frozen and wakes up in a future where humans are pets to another species. Sounds Planet of the Apes-ish to me, and that’s all the rage these days. Unfortunately, I doubt the other species is a race of badass mutants who have claws on their hands, but there’s some good news: George Clooney might attach himself to the project as the lead. That makes me think this whole nightmare scenario happens in the script because of a Republican president or something liberally.

Producer Akiva Goldsman is currently working on a budget for the film. (Vulture)

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