‘Dark Knight Rises’ Bat-Nabs Chris Ellis And Brett Cullen

Monday, May 23 by

The Dark Knight Rises is already shooting, but the film keeps casting new actors. If they cast a bunch of new actors every day, the number of actors in Hollywood cast in Dark Knight Rises might out-number those who aren’t. That’d actually be pretty cool. Maybe after filming, the huge cast will all move to some town in the valley together and call it Gotham. Or, most likely, that won’t happen.

Brett Cullen and Chris Ellis have signed on for roles in The Dark Knight Rises. Unlike most of these Dark Knight casting announcements, we actually sort-of know what roles they’ll be playing. Cullen (Ghost Rider, “Lost”) will be a priest, and Ellis (Transformers) will play a judge. Both actors were in Apollo 13, so here’s what I’m guessing happened: these were two roles they somehow forgot to cast, and Christopher Nolan was watching Apollo 13 on Netflix streaming when the casting director presented their emergency to him. So Nolan, half-listening, points to the screen and is like, “get me that guy… and that one.” Problem solved.

Batman returns to theaters July 20, 2012. (Variety)

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