Dano and De Niro Prepare For ‘Another Bullshit Night’

Thursday, January 13 by

Paul Weitz, Robert DeNiro, and Paul Dano are moving along with Weitz’s dormant pet project, a movie based on the oh-so-effervescent memoir Another Bullshit Night in Suck City. The film follows a 20-something as he works in various homeless shelters, occasionally running across his estranged father. In case you couldn’t deduce, Dano will be the son and DeNiro the father.

Filming on the low-budget movie is expected to start in March, though no confirmation has been made. Casey Affleck was long attached to this project in Dano‘s role. No explanation has been given for the switch. Focus Features has picked up the film after Fox 2000’s interest waned with the departure of Affleck.

While little else has been divulged about the project, the book is set in Boston and New England, and Dano appears to be on the young side for the lead. Though the story takes place over years, it would seem that Flynn is more Affleck’s age than Dano’s for much of the story.

Weitz chasing down this project ought to do wonders to clean his soiled credibility after Little Fu-, excuse me, Little Fockers. Another Bullshit Night in Suck City has a blend of humor and heartbreak that Weitz demonstrated well in About a Boy and not at all in American Dreamz. Weitz seems like the right guy here, and the cast appears aces thus far. Don’t tell Ben Stiller about this. He’ll probably want to play an evil hot dog vendor or something.(The Playlist)

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