Fans of blade-based violence and racially-insensitive humor have reason to celebrate. In an interview with Dread Central, actor Danny Trejo claimed that a Machete sequel, Machete Kills, was definitely in the works, and that director Robert Rodriguez has already written the script.

"I asked Robert Rodriguez when he was going to write Machete Kills, and he said (in his words), 'It’s wrote,'" Trejo told the website."Sin City 2 might have been pushed back behin Machete Kills. [laughs] Nobody cares about Mickey Rourke… [laughs]."

Trejo also dismissed criticism of Machete's use of racially-insensitive humor.

"We did it as entertainment. What I loved was the sense of humor in it, in everything. So we kind of laughed at everybody, and that was what I loved about the movie."

Added Trejo, "There has to be a sense of humor in everything otherwise… let’s do a documentary on prison."

I don't know if I agree. After all, it wasn't really a documentary, but HBO's prison drama, "Oz," was pretty funny; like that episode where they fed the old Italian guy shards of glass. See, there's humor in everything!