Danny Boyle, a filmmaker known for fun romps such as Trainspotting, The Beach, Slumdog Millionaire, and 127 Hours, is now circling a film far more disturbing than any of those...yet another Steve Jobs biopic.

And he's s reportedly talking to Leonardo DiCaprio as a star. This leads me to believe, after the last Jobs film with Ashton Kutcher, that the public is being far too kind in regards Steve Jobs looks than they ever were before his death. David Fincher's now-defunct Jobs film would have starred Christian Bale. I guess we'll have to wait until 2015 for a Zac Efron Jobs film.

With the Fincher pic gone, perhaps the studios see this as an opening for at least one prestigious Jobs biopic, and few names carry more prestige than Danny Boyle and Leonardo DiCaprio.

However, neither party has committed to anything yet, so let's hope this falls apart and they both do something more interesting before Martin Scorsese starts to get jealous.