The only wizardry here will be an unflinching adherence to a code of ethics and unmatched, almost magical, levels of integrity. Daniel Radcliffe, best known for his competent leading role in the play Equus, and to some extent, known for portraying boyish magician Henry Potters, will be taking on less whimsical matters as he signs on to play Jake Adelstein, an American reporter who crossed a Yokuza honcho and reaped the whirlwind.

Before you go thinking that this will be a gritty reboot for the career of the former-child (now current-adult) star, let it be known that the project, Tokyo Vice, will be directed by music video director Anthony Mandler, who up until now has helmed videos from Nicki Minaj, fun., and Justin Bieber.

Expect lots of fish eye lenses and pink wigs. Which would seem out of place were this movie not set in Japan, where those types of things appear in all facets of daily life.