I like Daniel Craig. He's always really open with the press, isn't above an occasional photobomb, and seems to have the best interest of his fans at heart. So when he goes on the record to say that Skyfall will be better than the last James Bond film, I'm inclined to believe him, rather than dismiss it as hype to sell tickets.

While talking with Time Out, Craig frankly addressed the fact that Quantum of Solace was doo-doo.
"On Quantum, we were fucked. We had the bare bones of a script and then there was the strike and there was nothing we could do. We couldn't employ a writer to finish it. You swear you'll never get involved with shit like that, and then it happens!" Craig even reveals that he ended up writing some of the scenes himself, in collaboration with director Marc Forster. "And a writer I am not..."

Take notes, Michael Bay.
" I really think this one is better even than Casino Royale", Craig enthuses. "[Director] Sam Mendes has lived with Bond all his life, and he grew up with Bond in the same way I did. We have exactly the same reference points, we both like the same Bond movies, and we both like the same bits in the same Bond movies we like. We sat down and we just rabbited for hours about Live And Let Die or From Russia With Love, and talked about little scenes that we knew from them. That’s how we started talking about it. That’s what we tried to instill in the script. He’s been working his arse off to tie all these things together so they make sense... in a Bond way!"

You can't get mad at a guy for wanting to go the extra mile to ensure that his movie about a missile-defusing pussy-crusher makes sense. Make us proud, good sir. (Empire)