Regardless of how you feel about Daniel Craig, can we all agree that the fact that he's considering signing on for eight James Bond films is a little much? People UK has reported that he's in talk to carry on the franchise for five more films (six if you count the upcoming Skyfall).

I'm lukewarm to Craig as Bond and the Bond franchise in general. In fact, the only thing that really gets me into the theater to see a Bond film is the debut of a new actor as James Bond, which this news would preclude for quite some time. In fact, I don't really know who would benefit from having Craig play Bond for 15 more years or so. Yuck.

The public would get tired of him (Brosnan only did three, and he felt like he owned the James Bond role for twenty years), Craig would have to sacrifice some far more prestigious roles, and the studio wouldn't get the boost of reinvigorating the franchise with someone like Michael Fassbender (good), or Idris Elba (really, really good).

I could understand someone like Timothy Dalton, an actor who really made his name with Bond wanting to go down in the annals of history as "eight-time James Bond portrayer," but Craig has so much else going for him, I have difficulty thinking that he'd take this, even with the bags of money they must be offering.

Don't do it, Daniel!