Tom Cruise Attached To Fogelman’s Next Huge Script

Thursday, April 21 by

Dan Fogelman is single-handedly screwing over every aspiring screenwriter in Hollywood. It wasn’t enough to get animated powerhouses Tangled, Bolt, and Cars produced. Then he sold Crazy, Stupid, Love to Warner Bros. for $2.5 million. Then he sold Imagine with Steve Carell attached in Fogelman’s directorial debut. Then he’s directing Me & Earl & The Dying Girl. Then he’s ALSO got his script My Mother’s Curse in production with Seth Rogen and Barbara Streisand at Universal.

So why shouldn’t his latest untitled script be in a bidding war between studios with Tom Cruise attached to star as a tarnished politician trying to rebuild himself and cope? Fogelman is absolutely on fire now and making me feel bad for not writing one screenplay per month. He’s also making me feel bad for not being really, really rich and getting Tom Cruise and Steve Carell attached to the stuff I write. Like this article. If Tom Cruise attached himself to this article I’m writing about him, that would be very Franco-esque. Very. (Deadline)

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