Sony Mistakenly Thinks Dan Brown Can Write

Tuesday, December 21 by

dan brown lost symbol
Sony Pictures has just stopped giving a damn, and is letting Dan Brown work on the screen adaptation of his novel, The Lost Symbol, THR is reporting. Steven Knight, the writer behind Eastern Promises, was originally slated to adapt the screenplay, but was recently replaced by Brown for reasons known only to high ranking Freemasons. Released in 2009, Brown’s third installment of the Robert Langdon saga was the fastest selling adult novel of all time, although for an “adult novel,” I must say there was a lot left to be desired in the “ATM” department.

Many people like to bitch and moan about Brown’s work just because it’s “clichéd” and “poorly written.” Those people need to chill the hell out. What’s the harm? It’s just mindless fun, like having sex with a coma patient. (IndieWire)

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