Know for lightning quick reflexes and amazing acrobatic stunts, Jet Li is one Expendable not to mess with. While stateside we've seen Li play more of the standard stone cold killer types in War, Romeo Must Die, and Letha Weapon 4, over in his native China, Li is far more badass. Just check out his amazing work in Once Upon a Time in China, Hero, or Fist of Legend for a good action smack in the teeth.

Highly Debatable Best Role: Wong Fei-hung in Once Upon a Time in China trilogy

Weird Fact: When he was 11-years-old he won a trip to Washington D.C. to  meet President Richard Nixon after becoming the Chinese National Champion in Wushu martial arts.


Uncomfortable Interview Question: You and Jason Statham have now made three movies together. How much do you f*cking hate that guy?

Best Fatality: Making rival martial artist Donnie Yen's neck exploded after an epic rope fight in Once Upon a Time in China 2. 

All-Encompassing Clip: