Dolph Lundgren has always been known as Rocky Balboa's greatest foe in Rocky IV aka Rocky Fights The Communists. Yet this Swedish-born old school action star has shown to be quite the opposite as he was once a chemical engineer with a Fulbright scholarship to MIT. Dolph has both brains and muscle, which means don't eff with this guy or he'll bust out a can of whoop ass and the periodic table chart on your ass.

Highly Debatable Best Role: Captain Ivan Drago in Rocky IV

Weird Fact: Said to have an I.Q. of 160, but according to himself this is untrue.


Uncomfortable Interview Question: Since you lived with Grace Jones in the 80s, I take it she is not a man after all?

Best Fatality: Killing Apollo Creed in Rocky IV

All-Encompasing Clip: