Every day for the next two weeks, we're going to feature a cast member from the upcoming film The Expendables. These ten bad-ass actors, who deliver a extensive amount of property damage in the film, are legends in the action movie genre. Today the spotlight is on none other than the Governator himself. Arnold Schwarzenegger only has a small cameo in The Expendables, but his brief appearance completes the circle of legends. 

Highly Debatable Best Role: The Terminator in The Terminator

Weird Fact: Underwent a genioplasty -- a procedure in which his jaw has been moved back so that it no longer juts out.


Uncomfortable Interview Question: Is it weird being married to a woman who looks like the alien that hunted you in Predator?

Best Fatality: The beheading of James Earl Jones in Conan The Barbarian.

All-Encompassing Clip: