Cuba Gooding Jr. To Play O.J. Simpson In ‘American Crime Story’

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After announcing that he would be taking his American Horror Story-style anthology into the realm of American crime, it was decided that the first story Ryan Murphy would tell would be O.J. Simpson’s story of murder and the lengthy trial that followed. Now we have an actor to play Simpson in American Crime Story, and it’s none other than Cuba Gooding Jr.

An inspired choice? Eh. Not really. Adequate? Yeah, probably. I’m not convinced that a lesser-known actor couldn’t have done a better job selling us on the story and character. Audiences will likely be sitting around waiting for O.J. to burst out with “Show me the money!” at some point, which would actually be pretty great, though not true to the story.

Sarah Paulson will be playing prosecutor Marcia Clark, who was believed to have bungled a pretty sure-fire case.

We’ll give it a whirl, but nothing too exciting in this casting news. It’s a shame they couldn’t have just gotten O.J.


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