Has Cronenberg found his female Viggo Mortensen? 23 year-old Canadian actress Sarah Gadon is entrenching herself in the director's inner circle, being cast in Cronenberg's Cosmopolis after having just appeared in his soon-to-be released A Dangerous Method.

In Cosmopolis, Gadon will play Robert Pattinson's estranged wife after negotiations with Keira Knightley fizzled. Cosmopolis focuses on an eventful day in the life of Pattinson's character as he tries to conquer the financial markets and is targeted by many.

Gadon's participation was probably due to her losing the title role of Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman, which, somewhat coincidentally, Viggo Mortensen bowed out of just this past Friday. I guess you're either a Snow White actor or you're a Cronenberg actor, but never both. 2011 has already been a busy year for Gadon, who has wrapped on Dreamhouse and Moth Diaries in addition to participating in the two Cronenberg projects. Hope she likes working with dudes named "Viggo." (Deadline)