Create Special Effects On Your iPhone Courtesy Of J.J. Abrams

Thursday, December 29 by
Hi, I'm J.J. High five! 

Want to make expensive Hollywood special effects, but you’re sick of waiting on slow render farms and discouraged by bad pixelation? Well, your worries are over. Thanks to J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot, you can now download the Action Movie FX app. Just shoot at least five seconds of video with your iPhone and choose the effect you like. Inspired by scenes in Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, the current effects available are “Missile Attack!” and “Car Smash.”

The app and these effects are free, but additional effects such as “Chopper Down”/”Tornado” and “Air Strike”/Firefight” are available for a small fee. More effects are on the way, like “Lens Flare,” “Spielberg,” “Annoying Viral Campaign,” and “Hire Greg Grunberg.” (THR)

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