Crazy Heart director Scott Cooper is out for revenge. No, not against Gwyneth Paltrow for ripping him off with Country Strong. He's signed on to rewrite and direct Out Of The Furnace. Formerly titled The Low Dweller, the script appeared on the 2008 Black List. The writer, Brad Inglesby, was living with his parents in Pennsylvania at the time that the spec script sold for seven figures. Which means mom isn't doing his laundry anymore.

The story follows a man recently released from prison for murder who wants to lead a good life and marry his longtime girlfriend. Then, some jerk gamblers go off and kill his brother so he has to put his murdering pants back on to exact revenge. The script is said to have a No Country For Old Men vibe, but it sounds more like Con-Air to me. Hey Scott Cooper. Since you're rewriting this story anyway, would you mind turning it into the Con-Air sequel? The world needs this. (Deadline)