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Tomorrow, Crank: High Voltage opens in theaters, and Jason Statham’s Chev Chelios will reunite with Eve, played by Amy Smart. No word on whether or not she’ll reprise her gratuitously open-air sex scene from the first film, but the pasties above are more amenable to our tastes than the image of Statham grinding on Amy like a pirate on shore leave.

Where else you can Get Smart:  Amy had a bit part in Starship Troopers, did a short stint on’Scrubs,’ played opposite Ashton Kutcher in The Butterfly Effect, played Holly, one of the love interests in the Starsky & Hutch remake, and more recently can be seen screaming in Mirrors.  She also has repeatedly voiced Strawberry Shortcake on’Robot Chicken.’ 

Pointless Quote: "As a kid, I loved being surrounded by mountains, creeks and animals. 

Check out the photos of Amy as nature intended after the jump.






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