Craig Ferguson Is Leaving ‘The Late Late Show’…To Host A Game Show

Tuesday, April 29 by
Ferguson's first cell phone 

As went David Letterman, so goes Craig Ferguson. The irreverent CBS talk show host has decided to hang up his mike at the end of the year, probably just before Letterman does the same.

Ferguson’s show is produced by Worldwide Pants, which is Letterman’s TV production company. Earlier, Worldwide Pants let it be known that, along with Letterman, they too would like to get out of the talk show game. To what extent this forced Ferguson out isn’t known, but it felt like only a matter of time before Ferguson went on to something else. He never really felt like a lifer.

As far as replacements go, no one is really being tossed around, but thankfully, those Chelsea Handler rumors were put to bed. It’s normally best that someone on network TV at bedtime for five hours a week is likable, which Handler is not.

Craig racked up ten years (!) at the desk, and managed to receive a cult following and acclaim, if not stellar ratings.

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