The producers of Couples Retreat are coming under criticism for the UK version of the film's poster. Have a look at the above side-by-side comparison and you'll notice that Faizon Love and and Kali Hawk (the only black characters) have disappeared a la Marty McFly's siblings.

The Daily Mail spoke with the studio and received this explanation:

The studio said it regretted causing offence and has abandoned plans to use the revised poster in other countries… A Universal spokesman said the revised advert aimed ‘to simplify the poster to actors who are most recognisable in international markets’.

Makes sense to me. Not everyone is as familiar with Who's Your Caddy? at I am. However I'm not convinced that this edit isn't fulfilling a racist agenda. Have a look at the below comparison of the US and the UK versions of The Original Kings Of Comedy poster. Racialists!! (Daily Mail)