Conan O'Brien, who has found a comfortable, if not high-profile, existence on TBS, has been suspiciously quiet this past year or so. While Fallon became Leno, Meyers became Fallon, and Jimmy Kimmel pranked everyone, Conan just kept plugging along. But not anymore. Conan is slated to host the MTV Movie Awards on April 13th.

The Movie Awards, by default, have become MTV's most important awards show, focusing on teen friendly categories as "Best Kiss," "Best Fight," and "Best On-Screen Duo." It will be interesting to see, with this level of material, whether Conan practices a detachment from it, or if he sinks to its level, reveling in whatever faux-lesbian kiss Madonna has prepared for us.

Conan has hosted the Emmys twice, and the White House Correspondence dinner once. Which leads us to think: a) He's qualified, and b) He's really slumming it here.