After Conan the Barbarian, helmer Marcus Nispel getting back to his bread and butter: scaring people with low-budget films. Only this time, he'll have some help from the master, Steven Schneider, one of the minds behind the Paranormal Activity series, Insidious, and the upcoming The Bay.

The two will be teaming up on Backmask, which is, hopefully, more than a fun-to-say gibberish word. How much more is anyone's guess, as Nispel is only revealing that the movie involves "paranoia, possession, and the paranormal." Hmm. That's not much help at all. One could deduce (hope?) that the title indicates that there will be some sort of mask that is strapped to a character's back, but perhaps that's just wishful thinking on my part.

The budget for Backmask is coming in at a scant $10 million, which was less than the combined budgets for detangler and sword-sharpening in Conan. However, with Schneider's frugal sensibilities, $10 million could probably fund a trilogy and a thrill ride at Disney's California Adventure. Because everyone likes amusement park rides about "paranoia, possession, and the paranormal." (Deadline)