At the now infamous "Golden Globes," host Ricky Gervais took a shot at Tim Allen. Well, it looks like Gervais has gone 180 degrees, accepting a role that Allen would have absolutely been down for. Way to keep us all on our toes, Mr. Brent.

Gervais will voice robotic dog Argonaut in this summer's Spy Kids: All The Time In The World. It's probably a day's worth of work for a ton of money, and at least his face won't be exposed to the camera like co-stars Jessica Alba and Joel McHale. If anyone asks, "were you the dog in Spy Kids 4," Gervais can just tell them "that was Steve Coogan." If the person responds, "it didn't sound anything like Steve Coogan, more like you," Gervais can awkwardly walk away without addressing him further.

Here's what Gervais actually said about the role:
“Not only am I lending my voice to Spy Kids but they can keep it,” said Gervais. “I’m sick of it.”

Self-deprecatalicious. The film robo-barks its way into theaters August 19th. Meanwhile, on May 19th you can catch Gervais in the season finale of "The Office" on NBC. (Hollywood Reporter)