Comic-Con 2012: Peter Jackson Denies The World A Third ‘Hobbit’ Film…For Now

Thursday, July 12 by
Peter Jackson has lost three Hobbits of weigh in the past few years. 

Oh, Peter Jackson, why do you tease us so? During the Hobbit panel earlier today, many were expecting Jackson to announce a third film in the series, but no dice. Unfortunately, the audience was left with knowledge of the two, with studio PR folks saying “The plan was always for two.”

F*ck the plan! This is Peter Jackson and tiny whimsical people! Give us a third you motherless monsters!!!

During the 266-day shoot, producers had accumulated enough extra footage to make a third fiml feasible, which is a concept so ridiculous that it could only exist in Hollywood.

“Oh, I was so cavalier with filming for your projects that cost hundreds of millions of dollars that there’s a bunch of extra stuff that you could probably turn into its own movie, but whatever. Totes up to you guys. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go alternate between “fat guy with an unkempt beard” and “skinny dude with a well-manicured beard” for the next year or so.”

Or so I assume it went.

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