Marvel Studios and director Edgar Wright played a little bit of a prank on the media and fans for Comic-Con this year. In the lead-up to their panel for the upcoming Iron Man 3, director Edgar Wright posted on his Twitter account about being in London and missing Comic-Con, etc. Well it turns out this was all a smokescreen to hide the fact that ahead of the Iron Man 3 panel Marvel Studios was going to show some test footage shot for Ant-Man, with Wright in attendance.

And although there's no casting news or a release date yet, they showed the shit out of that test footage! It's about a minute long and showed Ant-Man at ant-size taking out two full-sized henchmen with his incredible shrinking powers. So, with this test footage, plus Marvel's online announcement that an Ant-Man movie, which we first started hearing about in 2006, is finally coming, and it looks like it's really happening. Ant-Man Fever: Catch It! That's mine, not Marvel's. (The Playlist)